Star Wars: Legion

Hey, it's been... a while. Sorry about that.

A bit of (not-so-new) news: I have a 3D printer! A B9 Creator v1.2, to be exact. I actually purchased it quite a while ago. The Assaultron bust I've posted renders of was designed to be printed on it; I hope to have it printed and painted up for Adepticon this year. I actually have printed it once, but that prototype print has showed me some edits I need to make, so I won't have a "final" version for a bit.

Of course, I have still been busy modeling away on X Wing (Wave 12, Wave 13) and Armada (Wave 6, Wave 7).

Runewars was announced last fall. I don't do much in the way of 3D work for that game (so far, just some of the the hero base terrain inserts) but I've done a fair number of the studio paint jobs (Ravos, Maegan, Kari, Ardus, Ankaur Maro, Aliana, Waiqar command unit, a couple guys I can't mention yet, and a whole lotta Uthuk infantry) for the game.

Oh yeah... and Legion.

I've been doing the vehicles for the game. Though, where those vehicles have riders, the riders were sculpted by others. I'm a CAD guy, so figures really aren't in my wheelhouse. I've done the speeder bikes, the AT-RT, and the recently announced AT-ST and T-47. I also designed the bases/movement tools. And! I designed, built, and painted the Tatooine table and terrain pieces that appear in the rules and at convention demos. (I believe that the Tatooine scenery will be in our booth at Essen, which is going on as I type this.)

Oh yeah. And I got to paint the studio Vader.

(Seriously, how effin' good is that sculpt? My colleague Akshay hit that one out of the park. Then went out into the parking lot, found it inside the car it destroyed when it landed, and hit it again.)

So. Busy busy busy. I hope to begin posting more in the next few months, as I work on some items for Adepticon.