Mama Had a Baby and it's Head Popped Off (Iron Painter 8, Round 6)


Master Box Models




Painted for the sixth and final round of Iron Painter 8. This round was judged slightly differently than others- in addition to the judges' scores, there was a forum poll worth an additional two points. While I won the round by the normal scoring, my victory was only by a point, and I lost the forum poll, and so was not crowned champion of Iron Painter 8. Ah, well. I'd kinda wanted to win, mostly so I could retire a two time champ. IP is a bit grueling, and runs during the summer convention season, when I should be painting for Adepticon and the North American GDs. I'd like to not compete next year and concentrate on those contests, but this was my third time in the final round, and I admit, my pride wants me to get that second victory before calling it quits.

Anyway. The assigned theme was "Last One Standing."