2011 LCG Deck Boxes


These were made for Fantasy Flight Games, for the LCG world champions (A Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu) in 2011. Sadly, photos were never taken of the third box, for Warhammer:Invasion.

The AGOT box is made from tiger maple, walnut, and zebrawood. The CoC box is made from wenge and marbled acrylic. The (not pictured) Warhammer box was made from lacewood, and patterned after a 17th century box used by a priest to carry his last rites paraphernalia. I made the medallions in the tops out of styrene and epoxy.

The Warhammer box featured a medallion as well, depicting the warhammer/twin tailed comet, patterned after the one on the cover of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th edition book. It also had a twin tailed comet escutcheon which I cut from brass, and a number of "wax" (epoxy putty) seals which held on faux-Latin benedictions written on rag parchment.