X-Wing Death Star Table






46"x46" (two 23"x46" sections)


Built for Fantasy Flight, to run demos of X-Wing at conventions. I made the original tile patterns from styrene strip and card, based on blueprints from a very old Star Wars book (The Star Wars Sketchbook, from 1977) which contained the actual drawings used by the model shop for five of the six tiles. (The actual Death Star in the film only used six tiles, but were made in multiple scales, and then broken up and mixed around. To save time and money, I just made the six tiles in one scale.) I molded the tiles in silicone, and then cast them (all 552 of them) in plaster. The gun turret model was also made in styrene bits, but cast up in polyurethane resin. (It was too expensive to do all the tiles in resin as well, though it would have saved a lot of time.) The barrels were made from brass wire. The turret tops were articulated and removable.



Photography by Ryan Thompson